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December 9th, 2010
Marc Jacobs

Here is a look at my new campaign for the Marc Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In” skin cancer charity. The photo appears on a yellow T-shirt sold at Marc Jacobs boutiques worldwide. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the NYU Cancer Institute.

I thought wearing my chucks was better than heels, right? The skate deck I’m holding is a really cool vintage deck from Santa Cruz Skate Boards. It was made over to promote the charity- but maybe one day I can post the original with the SC skate logos;)

Much love,
Marisa xoxo

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28 Replies to “Marc Jacobs”

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    Carl D. says:

    An important message in a gorgeous package. Well done!

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    KS1365 says:

    Thank You Marisa! Merry Christmas to you too!!

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    Nick@Nite says:

    marisa why are you bucket naket..?

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    Hilary says:

    When will this tee be available? I really want one! I stopped tanning 2 years ago and my skin is now better then ever!!

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    Juliax says:

    Hi Marisa, so this is what they probably mean under ‘MJ campaign’ in Forbes article ‘supermodels turned moguls’ about you that I read the other day , hmmm.

    Definitely a good message, I stopped going to tan booths a long time ago and very happy I did so. Nothing’s better then being naturally beautiful and healthy.

    xoxo Julia

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    airhead4890 says:

    My best friend is currently fighting melanoma in his left eye and a few newly discovered spots on his face. Growing up in SoCal he was sailing at a very young age before sun screen became a staple and well before SPF and UV ratings.

    As a mariner I am often asked why I wear long sleeves in the hot weather of the Middle East and Far East. My answer has been protection from the sun! The same goes for my riding gear. It not only protects me from road rash, but also sun damage!

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    DrBezozo says:

    It was heartening to read some of the comments to your effort to raise awareness about the need for skin cancer prevention and early detection. However, I need to respond to “Katie” – who vowed to continue using tanning beds out of concern about low Vitamin D scares. My answer? Wrong Katie:

    The fact is we can now check the vitamin D level and take supplements should we be found to be deficient. Skin cancer is nothing to be messed with. Exposing ourselves to a carcinogen like UV rays is never a good idea. Using a tanning bed is especially a bad one.

    And, it’s never to soon to start your skin self exams. Check out MoleSafe and my blog, Melanoma Updates, for more scoop.

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    shake-n-bake says:

    Dec 9… Oh lol that was my B-Day!

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